Allied Services

Psychological Consultation

Servio Kidney is the emotional coach you can rely on!

Dialysis treatment is a mentally exhausting process. Most clients struggle to maintain mental peace during this phase. We help you overcome it by being your emotional support system which values your overall well-being. Our professionals provide adequate psychological analysis and consultation Allied Services in North india. We walk you through every process with immense care so that you become healthier and add more years to your lives.

Diet and Nutrition Consultation

A proper nutritional diet is an essential factor to stay healthy when you are going through Allied treatment Services in North india. Our expert nutritionists prepare suitable diet charts that you can follow while going through the treatment phase. It helps you gain health and heal faster. After all, 80% of your health is determined by what you eat.

Vascular Access

Each of our dialysis procedure requires a high rate of blood flow. Vascular access treatment procedure ensures a stable blood flow rate. The procedure of vascular access is further distributed into three techniques which are used individually and never all at once. The primary motivation is to make our hemodialysis technique effortless for you Allied Services near me.

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AV Fistula

Native Arteriovenous Fistula or AVF is a carefully planned and executed technique. Our experts plan out the procedures one or two months before the implementation date.

AV Graft

The Arteriovenous Graft process is done by connecting the artery to the vein via a loop wherein one end is connected to an artery and the other end is connected to a vein.

Central Venous Catheters

There are two alterations – temporary and permanent. The temporary CVC is kept for about six weeks from the initiation date. As for the permanent CVC permacaths, it can be kept for up to two or even three years.

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